Carla started dancing at a very early age, with her mother and dance instructor Melita Roberts. Melita’s own experiences training with the prestigious dancer Alisa Alonso allowed her to teach her daughter how to master the art of Ballet.

Later at the age of 16, Carla graduated from The University Mayor of San Marcos (Vera Stastny as her ballet teacher) and continued enriching her knowledge of dance pedagogy, technique and range by Lucy Telge de Linder, Miguel Angel and others.

She traveled to United States in 1985 and enhanced her dance education at Christiansen Ballet in Salt Lake City. Over the years she has worked with other notable people experienced in the art, such as Veronica Frei frau Von (from Moscow), Rocio Silva (from Lima – Peru), Jaime Coronado, Carmen de Vicente (from Spain), Jaime Coronado, Alisher Saburov and Lourdes Elias . “Carlota Russa” has performed in the well known christmas performance “The Nutcracker” as well as others such as “Don Quixote”, “The Faust”, “One thousand and One Nights”, “Habanera” (from Carmen de Biset) and “Amor brujo”. She was also involved in several unnamed performances in the categories of Russian, Peruvian, and American Folk Dance and has performed at significant locations throughout the years such as the Kennedy Center.

As a former Miss Hispanic Utah, as well as a first runner up and elite performer in London Theater, her exceptional talent and skills in teaching various forms of choreography have inspired many students over the years to strive to be professional dancers themselves.

She has also acquired experience in a large variety of other dance and performance genres such as Jazz and Hip-Hop, Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Latin, Ballroom, Theater , Gymnastics, Puppeteer Shows, Zarzuelas (from Spain), and even Silver Medal tournaments in Martial Arts. This is all in addition to her vast knowledge of Classical Ballet through the Russian style.

Carla Ririe continues to teach a large variety of classical and modern choreography to students of all ages, sharing her passion for dance with all those interested in becoming successful in the art themselves.


Class Information

Available classes include:

  • Classical Ballet
  • Tap Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Flamenco
  • Belly Dance
  • Middle-Eastern

And much more.



If you’d like more information on available classes and scheduling, you can contact Carla Ririe by phone or email at: